Training Courses

The Institute has carried out many different & specialized Training courses, internationally accredited diplomas, professional workshops & distinct work of a high Quality Service to its clients to enable them to excel & increase their competitiveness.

Administrative & Technical Consultancy

The Institute has a group of first-class experts in Management & technical consulting. It executed many counselling Services for the Development of Administrative Systems & organizational structures in both Public & private sectors.

Applying the Quality Methods

The Institute has a group of specialized experts to provide support Services to all government agencies, authorities & ministries to apply different Quality Systems in accordance with the international standards.

Conferences, Forums & Symposiums

Through our firm conviction of the integration of science & knowledge & their ascension as well as the constant need to develop & Modernize them; the Institute always seeks to examine & discuss the important topics that may constitute a concern, a requirement or a need for the United Arab Emirates through attracting the owners of expertise, Skills, specialists & SMEs of internationally accredited consultants to address & discuss these issues through conferences, forums or seminars held inside & outside the UAE.


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