Programs, Courses & Professional Diplomas Accredited from International Universities

Serial Program / Course Name VENUE
1 Professional Diploma in Advanced Public Relations.
2 Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
3 Professional Diploma in Management Communication Skills
4 Professional Diploma in Sales Management
5 American Professional Diploma in International Business
6 American Professional Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management
7 American Professional Diploma in Financial Resources Management
8 American Professional Diploma in the Art of Psychological Counseling
9 Professional Diploma in Contemporary Human Resource Management
10 Accredited Diploma for Training of Trainers
11 Accredited Diploma to Qualify Professional Reception Staff & Providers of Service
12 Accredited Diploma for the Qualification & Development of Professional Media & Press Journalists
13 Diploma in Business Administration & Secretarial Management
14 Diploma in Production & Operations Management
15 Diploma in Investment Management
16 Diploma in Contemporary Environmental Management
17 Diploma in Training Management
18 Diploma in Personnel Affairs Management
19 Diploma in Leaders, Ministers & Agents, Offices Management
20 Diploma in HR Reengineering Management & the Advisory & Executive Role of Sections of Training
21 Diploma in Training Strategies, Job Training & Manpower Management according to ILO Standards
22 Diploma in Strategies of Planning Career Development Policies
23 Diploma in Administrative & Technical Reporting
24 Diploma in Financial Reporting
25 Diploma in Qualification of Professional Accountants
26 Diploma in Qualification Officials & Officers in charge of Effective Training Departments & the Art of Producing Training Plans
27 Diploma in Preparation of Organizational Structures & Job Description
28 Diploma in Preparation of Professional Bank Accountants
29 Diploma in Preparation & qualification of Leaders & Managers
30 Diploma in Modern Management for Arab Female Directors/Managers
31 Diploma in Public Management
32 Diploma in Management By Objectives & Outcome-Oriented for Senior Management
33 Diploma in Family Counseling
34 Diploma in Psychological Counseling
35 Diploma in Recent Trends in Management & Financial Services
36 Diploma in Specialized Career Counseling/ Career Guidance
37 Diploma in World Economy & International Relations
38 Diploma in Career Planning
39 Diploma in Administrative Development in the Public & Private Sectors
40 Diploma of Excellence in Government Performance
41 Diploma in Quality in Training
42 Diploma of Multiple Intelligences
43 Diploma in Creative Leadership Vision: Planning & Foundations of Achieving Goals
44 Diploma in Contemporary Secretarial & Office Management
45 Diploma in Organizational Behavior & Institutions Culture
46 Diploma in Foreign Relations & International Cooperation
47 Diploma in Public Relations, Media, Communications & Protocol
48 Diploma in Administrative Law
49 Diploma in Integrated Skills of Modern Secretary
50 Diploma in New Global Media System
51 Diploma in Presentation, diction & formal acting Skills
52 Diploma in Qualification of Arabic for Non-Natives Instructors
53 Diploma in Preschool Special Education
54 Diploma in Political Qualification & Training for Women
55 Diploma in Management & Planning of Development Projects
56 Diploma in Vocational Media
57 Diploma in Crisis & Disaster Management
58 Diploma in Strategic Planning
59 Diploma in Occupational Health
60 Diploma in Safety & Quality of Food
61 Diploma in Feasibility Studies & Evaluation of Projects
62 Diploma in Government Accounting
63 Diploma in Applied Statistics
64 Diploma in Insurance
65 Diploma in Tourist Guide
66 Diploma in International Marketing
67 Diploma in Qualification of the Legal Adviser
68 Diploma in International Arbitration & Human Rights
69 Diploma in Reengineering & Management of Human Resources
70 Diploma in Business Administration
71 Diploma in Public Relations & Media
72 Diploma in Applied Accounting
73 Diploma in International Politics
74 Diploma in Training of Trainers
75 Diploma in Statistical Applications of Administrative Work
76 Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Strategic Thinking
77 Diploma in Leadership Development
78 Diploma in Crises Management Strategies
79 Diploma in Marketing & Selling Skills
80 Diploma in Relationship Management & Customer Service
81 Diploma in Quality Management & Organizational Excellence in accordance with International Standards
82 Diploma in Finance & Administration Affairs
83 Certified Expert in Development & Leadership of Work Team
84 Diploma in Administrative Excellence & Creativity Skills
85 Certified Management Development Expert
86 Certified Financial Expert
87 Certified Institutional Performance Monitor
88 Strategic Management Consultant
89 Integrated Management System Expert
90 Self-Management Strategies Consultant
91 Accredited Certification of Cybernetic Auditor


Serial Program / Course Name VENUE
1 Developing the Skills of Workers in Governmental Establishments
2 Creative Management of Programs & Activities
3 Preparation & Qualification of Management Development Specialist
4 Legal Specialist Skills Development
5 Modern Methods of Financial Planning & Budgeting Preparation
6 Integrated Skills for Public Relations & Protocol Managers
7 Develop Organizational Structures & Job Description Cards
8 Training Needs Identification Systems & Development of Training Plans
9 Methodology of Building Security of Government Departments
10 Skills of Drafting of Rules, Legal Regulations & Administrative Decisions
11 Information Technology Role in Retraining & Qualification of Workers.
12 Administrative & Financial Systems Design
13 International Commercial Arbitration
14 Preparation & Qualification of Directors of Leaders & Managers Offices
15 Job Performance Evaluating: Job Descriptions & Classification in the Government.
16 Chartered Manager Skills
17 Business Development Strategies
18 Dynamics of Teamwork
19 Legal, Administrative & Financial Systems for Municipalities & Local Administrations
20 The Importance of Career Loyalty & Belonging to Employees at Establishments
21 Electronic Management of Governmental Institutions: Business Strategies
22 Recent Trends in Media & Public Relations
23 Skills of Conflict, Differences, Disputes & Work Stress Management

Leaders and Top Managers Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Effective Personal Leadership Training 8-12/2017
Model Leader (International Model Leader Assessment (MLA)) 15-19/2017
Business Unit leadership & Building Management Excellence 22-26/2017
February Advanced Strategies for Development of Creative Work Teams 5-9/2017
Establishment/ Enterprise Knowledge Base 12-16/2017
Modern Dimensions & International Standards in Creative Leadership 19-23/2017
March Skills & Tools of Applying Change Leadership 5-9/2017
Developing the Sophisticated Skills of Women Leaders 12-16/2017
Management by Mission & Vision 19-23/2017
April The Five Leadership Skills 2-6/2017
British Experience & International Curricula for Smart Leadership 9-13/2017
Lead Managers to Achieve the Organization's Strategic Goals 16-20/2017
May Leader & Effective Decision Making 1-4/2017
Comprehensive Management Leadership 7-11/2017
Institutional Capacity Building 14-18/2017
July Advanced Leadership & Building Management of High Achievement Teams 9-13/2017
Leadership Talent 16-20/2017
Creative Leadership & Strategic Planning 23-27/2017
August Administrative Leadership in Modern Global Changes 6-10/2017
Career Planning and Succession Planning 13-17/2017
Leadership-Excellence-for-Managers 20-24/2017
September Advanced Management & Leadership Skills 10-14/2017
Self-Management & Art of Leadership of others. 17-21/2017
Development of Delegating Skills & dedicate full time to do the most important tasks 24-28/2017
October Build Leadership Awareness 1-5/2017
Practical Program for the Preparation of the Strategic Plan 8-12/2017
Methods for Resolving Disputes at Work 22-26/2017
November Basics of Effective Manager 5-9/2017
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 12-16/2017
Integrated Management Approach for Leaders & Senior Managers 19-23/2017
December The Concepts of Integrative Performance of Work of Managers 10-14/2017
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Performance 17-21/2017
Leadership Talent 24-28/2017

Marketing & Sales Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan The Art of Sales & its Relationship to Enterprise Success 8-12/2017
E-marketing & Sales under Current & Future Developments 15-19/2017
Marketing Studies & Skills of Opening New Markets 22-26/2017
February Preparation & Qualification of Marketing Managers & the Art of Modern Strategies for Large Companies 5-9/2017
Intelligent Digital Marketing 12-16/2017
Preparation & Qualification of Marketing & Sales Managers 19-23/2017
March Marketing Strategies in a Competitive Environment 5-9/2017
Managing Sales Teams to Achieve Effective Results 12-16/2017
Marketing Strategies under Economic Crises 19-23/2017
April Analyze the Market & Competitors 2-6/2017
Market Risk Analysis 9-13/2017
Apply the Principles of Quality 16-20/2017
May How to Evaluate Marketing Performance for Organizations 1-4/2017
Market Risk Analysis 7-11/2017
July Marketing Crisis Management Skills 9-13/2017
Strategies & Methods of Measuring & Tracking Customer Satisfaction 16-20/2017
August Develop Essential Skills of Sales Representatives 6-10/2017
Excellence in Customer Service 13-17/2017
September Preparation of Marketing Plans 10-14/2017
Professional Salesman Skills 17-21/2017
October Salesmanship & Upselling Techniques 1-5/2017
Optimal Use of the Media in Activating Sales & Marketing Plans 8-12/2017
November Advertising &its Role in Sales Activation Cycle 5-9/2017
Modern Marketing & Promotion Skills 12-16/2017
December Advanced Strategies to Identify & Implement Successful Solutions for Target Markets 10-14/2017
Triple Power ( Strategic Marketing Secrets - Sales Art - Customer Service - and Customer Relations ) 17-21/2017

Procurement & Warehouse Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Procurement & Warehouses Management in Logistics Systems 8-12/2017
Drafting Procurement Technical Specifications & Preparation of Statement of Work (Tender Specifications ) 15-19/2017
Innovation & Creativity in Stores Management (Materials, Inventory Overstock)) 22-26/2017
February The Art of Managing Stores & Warehouses in accordance with Global Quality Approaches 5-9/2017
Methods of Handling Procurement & Storage Problems 12-16/2017
Procurement system - Correspondence/Negotiation/Contract/Arbitration/FIDIC rules 19-23/2017
March Modern Best Practices for Dealing with Suppliers 5-9/2017
Contract Management through FIDIC 12-16/2017
April Warehouse Management & Inventory Control Performance Metrics 2-6/2017
Policies & Systems of Procurement Procedures & Negotiating Tactics 9-13/2017
May Internal & External Procurement Strategies & Regulations 1-4/2017
Logistics Management of Material according to the Total Quality Management Portal 7-11/2017
July Procurement Contract Negotiation 9-13/2017
Preparation & Execution of Tenders 16-20/2017
August Evaluation & Development of Stores Management & Warehouse efficiency 6-10/2017
Safety in the Storage Operations and Works 13-17/2017
September Effective Management of Stores, Warehouses & Inventory Analysis 10-14/2017
Logistics Operations Management 17-21/2017
October Organization, Management & Control of Warehouses 1-5/2017
The Art of Managing Stores & Warehouses in accordance with International Quality Approaches 8-12/2017
November Modern Best Practices for Dealing with Suppliers 5-9/2017
Methods of Handling Procurement & Storage Problems 12-16/2017
December Study & Development of Procurement & Storage System 10-14/2017
Effective Electronic Management of Stores & Warehouses. 17-21/2017

Statics Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Statistical Analysis (Health Organizations Diploma) 8-12/2017
Statistical Control in Production (Masters Preliminary – Masters of Applied Statistics (MAS) 15-19/2017
Methods & Tools for Statistical Control of Processes 22-26/2017
February Quantitative Methods (Pre-MBA) - Master of Business Administration 5-9/2017
Statistical Analysis Software Package - SPSS Statistics 12-16/2017
Statistical Quality Processes & their Relationship to Make Decisions 19-23/2017
March Statistical Analysis (Using Minitab Software) 5-9/2017
Statistical Analysis (E-views) 12-16/2017
Preparation of Statistics & Decision Support Systems 19-23/2017
April Statistical Analysis (Mathcad) 2-6/2017
Population Census 9-13/2017
Establishment & Development of Statistical Systems 16-20/2017
May Computer Science (Statistical Software) 1-4/2017
Advanced Statistical Sports ( Metrics) 7-11/2017
Computerized Statistical Quality Control (SQC) 14-18/2017
July Computerized Statistical Applications 9-13/2017
Principles of Career Statistics 16-20/2017
Statistical Skills in Preparation of Management Reports 23-27/2017
August Applied Statistics & Operations Research 6-10/2017
Business Studies & European Languages 13-17/2017
Skills to keep up with Modern Developments in the field of Statistics 20-24/2017
September Mathematics of Finance & Investment 10-14/2017
Business Mathematics & Statistics 17-21/2017
Design & Creation of Databases 24-28/2017
October Training Courses for Non-Statisticians (Beginners - Starters) 1-5/2017
Training Sessions & Courses for New Employees 8-12/2017
November Using Statistics & Operations Research in Decision Making 5-9/2017
Preparation & Qualification of Trainers & Statisticians 12-16/2017
December How to Collect, Prepare, Display & Analyze Data Statistically 10-14/2017
Diploma in Advanced Statistics & Analysis 17-21/2017

Insurance Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Recent Amendments in the Laws & Rules of Social Insurance 8-12/2017
Estimating the Recoveries or Liquidation 15-19/2017
February Financial Analysis & Performance Assessment for Insurance Companies 5-9/2017
Allocation in Insurance Companies 12-16/2017
March The Most Important Accounting Problems in Installments, Compensation & Commissions 5-9/2017
Accounting Processing for Re- Insurance Companies 12-16/2017
April Operations Management of Re- Insurance 2-6/2017
Insurance people 9-13/2017
May Liability/ Responsibilities insurance 1-4/2017
Energy Risks Insurance 7-11/2017
July Insurance & Legal Functions & Rules Apply to the Types of General Insurance 9-13/2017
Medical Insurance 16-20/2017
August Marketing Life Insurance Documents 6-10/2017
Underwriting (Insurance ) in Collective & Individual Risks 13-17/2017
September Oil Risks Insurance 10-14/2017
Warehouse Insurance 17-21/2017
October Islamic Insurance (Takaful) and its Applications 1-5/2017
Life Insurance Documents 8-12/2017
November Marine Cargo Insurance 5-9/2017
Installations Insurance against Fire 12-16/2017
December Casualty/Death Insurance Ratemaking, Loss Reserving, and Valuations through the Electronic Expert 10-14/2017

Administration & Management Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Administrative Development and Use of Reengineering in Government Organizations 8-12/2017
Achieve Zero Errors in Administrative Work 15-19/2017
Modern Management Planning Skills 22-26/2017
February Creativity and Programming Institutional Thinking 5-9/2017
Administrative Excellence Skills 12-16/2017
Transforming Ideas into Effective Programs & Action Plans 19-23/2017
March Integrated Approach to Change Management 5-9/2017
Modern Management / Administrative Skills 12-16/2017
Human Capital Development 19-23/2017
April Time Management and Prioritization 2-6/2017
Rights and Obligations of the employees 9-13/2017
Managing Differences in Work Environment 16-20/2017
May Motivate Employees and Change their Habits and Behavior 1-4/2017
Integrated Management Skills 7-11/2017
Simplifying Administrative Procedures 14-18/2017
June Self-Management according to the Concept of Quality 9-13/2017
How to Create a Crisis Management Scenario 16-20/2017
Electronic Control at Information Systems Security 23-27/2017
August Change and Organizational Development 6-10/2017
Managing the Negotiation Process and Execution of Transactions 13-17/2017
Planning Skills and innovation 20-24/2017
September Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Innovation Skills at Work 6-10/2017
How to Reach Personal Excellence & Peak Performance 13-17/2017
Creative Management System - CMS 20-24/2017
October Administrative Requirements for Enterprises 10-14/2017
Administrative Work Ethics 17-21/2017
Effective Management of Decision Making and Action 24-28/2017
November Cash Management 5-9/2017
Balanced Scorecard Performance System Management 12-16/2017
Strategic Planning for Successful Management 19-23/2017
December Legal Aspects in the Management Process 10-14/2017
Advanced Management in the Era of Information Technology 17-21/2017
Production and Operations Management (POM) 24-28/2017
Administrative Excellence & Creativity Skills 24-28/2017

Human Resources Management & Personnel Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Strategic Vision for Human Resources Management and Performance Measurement under the Total Quality Methodology 8-12/2017
Contemporary Trends in Human Resources Management 15-19/2017
February Competency System and Balanced Score Card in HR Management and Planning 5-9/2017
Skills to Deal with Advanced Cultures (Intercultural HR Management) 12-16/2017
March Management Development and Human Resource Management and Training 5-9/2017
New Staff Assessment Skills - New Employees Performance Evaluation 12-16/2017
April Job Description and Evaluation & Career Planning 2-6/2017
Investment Less in Human Resources 9-13/2017
May Achieving Excellence in Human Resources Management 1-4/2017
Problem Solving and Managing Meetings of Human Resources 7-11/2017
July Access to Success through Working Pressure 9-13/2017
Computerized Personnel Affairs Information Systems Development 16-20/2017
August How Organizations Succeed through Talent Management 6-10/2017
Qualification of Human Resources Management (HRM) Officials 13-17/2017
September Future Prospects in Human Resources Management and Development 6-10/2017
Human Resources is a Strategic Partner in the Enterprise 13-17/2017
October Reengineering HR Needs of the Organization 10-14/2017
Job Management in Modern Enterprises 17-21/2017
November Auditing the Personnel Departments (Salaries and Employees' Benefits) 5-9/2017
Optimal Recruitment of Internal Efficiencies, Succession Planning and Emiratization 12-16/2017
Human Resources Management Advisor 19-23/2017
December Interviews, Selection and Appointment Skills 10-14/2017
Human Resources is a Strategic Partner in the Enterprise 17-21/2017
The Art of Human Resources Management. How To Bring Out The Best in Others?. 24-28/2017

Management of Training & Training of Trainers Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan How Organizations Succeed through Talent Management 8-12/2017
Modern Strategies in Using the Computer to Develop Training Plans & Budgets 15-19/2017
February Integrated System Policy Planning & Preparation of Training Plans 5-9/2017
Skills of Measuring the Efficiency of the Workforce & Performance Evaluation 12-16/2017
March Design, Implementation & Management of Training Plans 5-9/2017
Innovative & Creative Standards in the Administration of Professional Trainer 12-16/2017
April Systems & Criteria for Re-designing Jobs & Defining Competencies 2-6/2017
Quality in the Strategic Training to Achieve Organizational Objectives 9-13/2017
May Quality Assurance in the Training & Development Process 1-4/2017
Excellence for Officials of Training & Development 7-11/2017
June Training Programs Management Skills (supervision, monitoring & evaluation)) 9-13/2017
Building the Knowledge Base & Skills for Workers in Training 16-20/2017
August Career Planning for Staff 6-10/2017
Dealing with Different Behavioral Patterns of Trainees 13-17/2017
September Qualify & Prepare Effective Training Manager 10-14/2017
Effective Training & Measuring Return on Training 17-21/2017
October Contemporary Strategies in Identifying Training Needs 1-5/2017
How to Prepare & Manage Major Training Event 8-12/2017
November Managing the Training Process Professionally. 5-9/2017
Leadership Forum on Training Policy & Training Plans 12-16/2017
December Development of Manpower Budgeting & Raise the Efficiency of Employees Performance 10-14/2017
Evaluate the Impact of Training on Trainee Performance 17-21/2017
The Modern Approach to Training & Human Resource Development 24-28/2017

Finance and Accounting Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Modern Technologies in Accounting Systems 8-12/2017
Government Accounting & Structuring Accounting System 15-19/2017
Computerized Design of Modern Accounting Systems 22-26/2017
February Computerized Advanced Trends of Planning, Financial Analysis & Budgeting 5-9/2017
Advanced Cost Accounting 12-16/2017
Effective Methods in Cost Rationalization & Maximizing Profitability 19-23/2017
March Qualifying of Professional Financial Managers 5-9/2017
How to Manage Financial Crises 12-16/2017
Cash Management & Liquidity Planning 19-23/2017
April Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques 2-6/2017
Qualifying of Professional Financial Managers 9-13/2017
Early Warning of Financial Crisis 16-20/2017
May Modern Methods of Financial Planning & Budgeting 1-4/2017
Accounting Principles & Assets of Public Institutions 7-11/2017
Budgets & Performance as an Input for the Development of Performance & Financial Control 14-18/2017
July Financial Accounting for Government Installations 9-13/2017
International Standards to Professional Practice of Auditing & Examinations 16-20/2017
Financial Manager in the era of Globalization 23-27/2017
August Audit (Planning & Implementation) 6-10/2017
Securities Management 13-17/2017
Techniques for Measuring & Assessing Financial Performance 20-24/2017
September Prepare & write Financial Reports 10-14/2017
Recent Trends to Increase the Efficiency of the Accountant & Controller 17-21/2017
Advanced Skills in Auditing & Government Oversight 24-28/2017
October Recent Trends of Government Accounting & Final Accounts Analysis 1-5/2017
Strategic Skills for Budgeting & Financial Reporting 8-12/2017
Financial Statement Analysis & Methods of Display 22-26/2017
November The State's General Budget 5-9/2017
Loan Tracking & Processing of Bad Debts 12-16/2017
How to Manage Financial Crises 19-23/2017
December Effective Management of Credit & Collections 10-14/2017
Integrated Approach to Preparing Financial Experts 17-21/2017
Effective Management of Domestic & International Investments 24-28/2017


Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Legal Writing for Administrative Decisions 8-12/2017
Integrated Skills in Legal Affairs 15-19/2017
Legal Aspects of E-Administration 22-26/2017
February Drafting of Resolutions & Administrative Regulations 5-9/2017
International Arbitration Rules & Procedures 12-16/2017
Origins & Skills of the Administrative Investigation 19-23/2017
March Electronic Contracts & Electronic Signature 5-9/2017
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 12-16/2017
Legal Aspects in the Management of Human Resources & Personnel 19-23/2017
April Legal Interpretation Skills 2-6/2017
Negotiation Strategies & Contract Management Skills 9-13/2017
Law for Non-Lawyers 16-20/2017
May Development & Raising of Legal Awareness & Security Performance 1-4/2017
The Legal Rules Governing Administrative Contracts & their Common Errors 7-11/2017
July Integrated program in Legal Affairs 9-13/2017
International Commercial Arbitration 16-20/2017
August Writing & Legal Translation Skills 6-10/2017
Electronic Crimes & ways to deal with them 13-17/2017
September Crime of Fraud & how to deal with them 10-14/2017
Drafting & Contract Management Skills 17-21/2017
October The Principles & Skills of Legal Change & Writing Legal Memos 1-5/2017
Development of Integrated Skills in Legal Affairs 8-12/2017
November Administrative Disciplinary Authority & its Legal Controls 5-9/2017
Audit & Review of Contracts & Detect Irregularities & Fraud 12-16/2017
December Development & Refinement of Legal Intellectual Property to Understand the Texts and the Practice of Legal and Judicial Affairs 10-14/2017
The Art of Legal Drafting of Administrative Readings 17-21/2017

Conferences and Forums

Serial Program / Course Name VENUE
1 Change Management Conference in light of the Requirements of the Emirates Awards for Excellence
2 Conference on Strategic Management & Leadership Challenges in Facing the future
3 Occupational Security & Safety Conference
4 Conference on Preparing a Generation of New Leaders
5 Forum on Forecasting Financial Default & Dealing with Bad Debts
6 Career Work Ethics Forum
7 Political Participation of Women in the Arab World
8 Role of Security Culture in the Fight against Crime in Variable Arab Community
9 Excellence Career Forum
10 Vision & Mission Management Forum
11 Innovation & Leadership Forum

Public Relations & Media Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Integrated Systems for Public Relations, Protocol & Electronic Media 8-12/2017
Advanced Operational & Executive Management of Media & Public Relations 15-19/2017
Modern Methods of Activating the Role of Public Relations in Organizations 22-26/2017
February Media & Public Relations Role in Decision Making & Influencing Others. 5-9/2017
International Public Relations & Diplomacy 12-16/2017
Strategy of Stimulating & Enabling Public Relations Staff to Build High-Quality Work Environment. 19-23/2017
March Management of Public Relations through Variables of Globalization & Information Technology (IT). 5-9/2017
Public Relations Management Procedures & Methods in Improving the Mental Image of Enterprises 12-16/2017
International Media & Communication Technology 19-23/2017
April Modern Thought in the Practice of Public Relations Activities & Modern Etiquette 2-6/2017
Persuasion Skills & Guide Public opinion 9-13/2017
May Management Skills for Preparing Information Programs – – Radio & TV 1-4/2017
Public Relations & Dealing with the Media 7-11/2017
June The Basic Skills of Media Leaders 16-20/2017
Develop Skills to Deal with the Media 6-10/2017
August Develop Field Skills for Public Relations Staff 6-10/2017
Etiquette & Protocol 13-17/2017
September Modern Strategies for PR & Media in Arabic Institutions 10-14/2017
Strategic Planning & Operational Management for Public Relations. 17-21/2017
October Media Industry between Reality & Future 10-14/2017
Strategic Planning of Media Campaigns & Advertising 17-21/2017
November Media Crisis Management. 5-9/2017
Art Communication & Influence the Masses 12-16/2017
December Art Communication & Influence the Masses 10-14/2017
Planning & Organizing Conferences & Official Ceremonies 17-21/2017

Customer Service Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Total Quality Management as a means of Administrative Development in Customer Service 8-12/2017
Outstanding Performance in Customer Service 15-19/2017
February Access to Excellence in Customer Service & Customer Care & Speed in Performance 5-9/2017
March Foundations of Service Excellence 5-9/2017
April Customer Service under Market Challenges 2-6/2017
May The Art of Communication & Interpersonal Skills with Service Recipient 6-10/2017
June Decision Making Skills & Dealing with Clients 16-20/2017
August Development of Behavioral Skills & Etiquette in Providing Services to Others 6-10/2017
September Loyalty & Job Affiliation 6-10/2017
October The Art of Communication & Complaint Handling 10-14/2017
November Professional Ethics 5-9/2017
December Expressive Body Language 17-21/2017

Personal development & Self-Improvement Programs

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan Self-energy & Keys to Success 8-12/2017
Activation of Soft Skills & Performance Improvement and Development 15-19/2017
February Success Engineering & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 5-9/2017
Self-Management & achieve Success in the Future. 12-16/2017
March How To Plan Your Life? 5-9/2017
Positive Thinking & Brainstorming 12-16/2017
April Mental Fitness & Power of Focus 2-6/2017
Development of the Mental Faculties 9-13/2017
May Effective Communication Skills & the Art of Dealing with Others 1-4/2017
How to Reach Personal Excellence & Peak Performance 7-11/2017
July Self -Management & Emotional Intelligence 16-20/2017
Self-Performance Development & Access to Quality 6-10/2017
August The Art of Managing Personal Income 6-10/2017
6 Obstacles or Barriers to Creative Thinking 13-17/2017
September The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness 6-10/2017
Activation of Self Soft Skills & Improve Performance 13-17/2017
October Self-learning Skills 10-14/2017
Lead & Manage Life 17-21/2017
November Mind Mapping & its Applications to Achieve Personal Excellence 5-9/2017
Thinking Skills & Learning Applications 12-16/2017
December Social Intelligence (Success Skills with Others) 10-14/2017
How to Align your Personal Goals & Objectives for your Organization? 17-21/2017

Occupational Health, Security& Safety Programs - Health, Safety and Environment (HSE Programs)

Month Program / Course Name Date VENUE
Jan The Occupational Safety & Health Administration 8-12/2017
Identifying Hazards & how to Control & Mitigate their Impact 15-19/2017
Safety in the workplace 22-26/2017
February Public Safety & security 5-9/2017
First Aid Kit 12-16/2017
Firefighting Systems Technology 19-23/2017
March Alarm Devices & Mock Drills Systems & Contingency Plans 5-9/2017
Improving Firefighters Performance 12-16/2017
Analysis & Assessment of Security Risks 19-23/2017
April Early Warning of Chemical Risks 2-6/2017
Study of Risk Assessment 9-13/2017
Recent Trends in how to deal with Emergencies. 16-20/2017
May Management Systems & Energy Efficiency 1-4/2017
Integrated Skills of Firefighters & Ways to Combat Disasters, Fires & Accidents 7-11/2017
Safety System Management & Loss Control 14-18/2017
July The Development of a Sense of Security. 9-13/2017
Work Environment Factors Measuring Devices 16-20/2017
Personal Protective Equipment 23-27/2017
August Statistical Systems for Work Injuries 6-10/2017
Strategies for the Security & Safety of Buildings & Installations 13-17/2017
Local & International Legislation on Occupational Safety & Health 20-24/2017
September Qualifying Internal Auditors of Occupational Health & Safety System according to Specification ( 18001 – OSHA ) 10-14/2017
Environmental Control Systems & Industrial Pollution 17-21/2017
Industrial Fire Causes & Control Methods 24-28/2017
October Monitoring & Measuring Security Performance in the Enterprise 1-5/2017
Managing Safety & Risk Control System 8-12/2017
Structural hazards 22-26/2017
November Management of Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE) 5-9/2017
Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OSHA – 18001) 12-16/2017
December Humane Qualification for Security Officers 10-14/2017
Methods of Securing & Guarding Installations 17-21/2017

Courses & Programs for Women

Serial Program / Course Name VENUE
1 Springboard Women's Development Program (Springboard is a leading UK-based women's development program designed by women, for women around the world)
2 Qualifying and Training of Gulf Women for Managerial Positions
3 Arabic Women & Communication in Political Life
4 Women's Leadership in the Area of Community Work
5 Developing the Skills of Women with Special Needs to be Integrated into the Labor Market
6 Invest your Self -Development
7 Preparation & Qualification of Women in Crafts & Electronic Programs
8 How to Break Free from the Painful Past
9 How to make yourself happier during an unhappy time? How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sad Mood
10 Development of Women's Skills in Social Networking & Solving Social Problems
11 Strategies of Happiness Program /Course
12 Keys of Eternal Happiness
13 Creativity & Excellence in Having Happy Employees
14 Faulty Methods & Approaches in Raising Children & their Effect on Children's Personalities
15 How to Deal with your Teens/ Adolescents?
16 The Role of Guidance in Modifying Family Culture to Deal Effectively with People with Special Needs
17 The Art & Science of Raising Children
18 Success Inside & Outside the Home
19 Mother & her Teen Daughter
20 Marriage Preparation Program - Preparation & Qualification of Couples Intending to Marry
21 How do we Train our Kids on Taking Responsibility
22 Teenager in a Changing World
23 Innovative Development for Creative Women
24 Leading & developing innovative & high performance teams
25 Emirati Women's Day slogan Promoting the Spirit of Creativity and Innovation
26 From the Kitchen to Platforms of Creativity & Excellence
27 Cruising towards Success

Programs and Courses on Happiness

Serial Program / Course Name VENUE
1 Secrets of Happiness
2 Happiness & Success
3 Learn about Happiness to Live Happily
4 Happiness in the Workplace means better Productivity & Profitability
5 The Secrets & Causes of Marital Happiness
6 Optimism & Positive Thinking
7 Creating Happiness & Positivity in Social & Professional Environment
8 Journey to Happiness & Success
9 Balance between Work & Home Brings Happiness
10 Emotional Intelligence & Happiness
11 Permanent Happiness.
12 Way of Happiness & Recreation
13 Creating Work Environment in an Atmosphere of Happiness
14 The Way to Marital Happiness
15 Positive Energy Brings Happiness
16 Pillars of Happiness - Secret Ingredients to Building Happiness
17 Social & Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Feeling Happy