Women Empowerment Program

Springboard is a leading UK-Based women’s development programme designed by women, for women. The British Council, drawing on its close relationship with the Middle East and North Africa, where it has been working for more than 80 years, initiated the programme to help Arab women to realize their potential and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. Springboard is the premier personal and work development programme for both individuals and organisations. If your organization is engaged with developing women’s outreach programmes, or if you would like to develop your staff to their full potential and provide them opportunities to grow within the organization, then Springboard is the ideal programme for you.

Hundreds of employers have enjoyed the benefits of the Springboard Programme, as have their female members of staff, who have gained motivation and developed a stronger ability to deliver results.

Some Clients we have worked with:

• Cambridge University - UK
• Oxford University - UK
• Rolls Royce - UK
• BBC - UK
• Qatar Business Women Association – Qatar
• Roads & Transport Authority-Dubai (RTA)
• uae-university
• Qatar University — Qatar
• World Health Organisation — lndia
• Women in Peace — South Africa
• Sultan Qaboos University - Oman
• Nahda Philanthropic Association — KSA
• King Abdulaziz University — KSA
• Prince Sultan University — KSA
• Shell — KSA
• Bangue Saudi Fransi — KSA

A positive change in the participant is immediately apparent to herself and to those around her.

Other expected results are:

• increased self-confidence and motivation
• Ability to define and work towards clear
• goals
• A positive outlook on life
• improved communications
• Managing emotions effectively
• Presenting solutions, not problems
• The courage to take initiatives
• Building of a team spirit

The program is a teacher Aaesha Muftah Alzaabi and is a certified trainer with a high level of experience in the field of training and has been accredited as a specialized trainer for the Springboard Women Empowerment Program since 2013. More than 150 Emirati women

• The programme helped me develop myself and discover my capabilities as well as define my goals and work towards achieving them"

• l benefited from the programme by learning how to take decisions, how to eradicate certain behaviours and improving howl communicate with my colleagues"

• l learnt to be stronger and to control my life in a positive and assertive manner. I also discovered both inner and outer peace"

• lt was a life-changing experience"

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