Royal Master
Management Consultancy
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According to the institute’s approach to continuous development. The schedule of our courses and programs under the supervision of our distinguished consultants and trainers accompanies the high qualifications and experiences that meet all the needs of society, governmental and non-governmental institutions, companies and individuals with the possibility of providing many programs and courses not mentioned in the courses in coordination with the institute’s training department.

We always welcome your opinions, inquiries and evaluation which lead us towards better performance, greater quality and efficiency

We are with you to provide the best experiences and qualifications that will help you.

About Us

We are Emirati Institute, Royal Master Management Consultancy and Training. One of the most reliable training institutes in the region and won the trust of all its clients in developing their competencies within the various administrative and technical fields. Distinguished us with our innovative services and training programs , consulting and various courses provided by expert specialized consultants to help organizations and individuals grow more rapidly, In addition our administrative and technical programs are specifically designed to meet other’s development needs in different fields / industries such as Health & Safety , security, Communication and Media , Accounting and finance , Legal , Oil & Gaz , Engineering , Clean Energy, Food and Safety , management strategies including business administration, Quality and leadership, distinguished coaches ,Live Coaching and many others.

Our motto

Development Sustainability through building learning Culture

The First Choice of individuals and organization Growth and Developments


Our commitment to continuous providing high quality management consultancy and training solutions that develop creativity and innovation in different industry and society in a modern and attractive style that meets the needs of establishments and individuals.


Create a new concept based on creating solutions, creating opportunities and effective training and development strategies, and contributing effectively to developing our customers ’ongoing skills and reaching our customers, to the highest peak.


Our team includes a group of qualified consultants and trainers and a group of effective and productive employees and administrators with extremely skilled and professionals in the field of training and development.


We provide our customers the UpToDate high rich knowledge, skills and tools to implement their development plan. And raising awareness of the importance of developing skills and training by highly skilled trainers and specialized experts at the global level, as well as using the latest modern training methods that are in line with the latest findings of the global mechanism in the field of learning.


Motivation and belief in your ability to excel and be creative for that we have to choose correctly and be credible, diversity in training sources, implementation of the comprehensive strategy in training.
Learn .......... Live .......... Progress.

of quality methods
ISO 9001: 2015 certified

As a Royal Master Institute, we can provide support to government agencies and ministries through specialized experts to organize the various systems according to international specifications.


Our Values




& Quality


& Integrity


& Teamwork

Our Strategy

• Fostering a Healthy, Safe, and Supportive Learning.
• Providing training programs that raise the behavioral, leadership and specialized competencies.
• International and high-level contracts to meet the needs of the trainees (individuals - institutions).
• A valuable innovative programs portfolio
• Providing modern electronic and technological tools (distance learning, virtual reality system and techniques, digital glasses)
• contract with Expert trainers and expert advisors
• Designing distinctive special programs that suit every organization and every individual
• Participatory advanced training among trainees for benefit