Royal Master Management Consulting and Training offers:

• Professional Development for Employees & Behavioral Competency Framework improving specific skills and technical competencies.

• The institute qualifies the trainees in many technical specializations that help them to find jobs commensurate with their abilities and qualifying jobs to raise their level of excellence in the labor market.

• The institute offers high-quality development programs and carefully designed by the training department after studying the needs of the institution and its members.

• The Institute also offers professional diplomas for professional qualification and these diploma programs are accredited by reputable international universities that help cover the requirements of some vital jobs in various disciplines.

Security Services

Management Consulting

Administrative studies

Business and management systems training

Legal training services

Radio, television and press training

Film production training

Translation & auditing services
(English and / or Arabic)

• We provide our services with high quality, high accuracy and professionalism under the supervision of specialized experts and unbeatable prices.

• Professional translation from English to Arabic and vice versa in all areas of written translation (medical, economic, financial, journalistic, administrative, humane ... etc).

• Translation training

• Proofreading & Editing (English-Arabic)

• We have a dedicated team specialized by professionalism and language proficiency.

• Meet the needs of individuals, institutions and companies.

• Time is of importance at the Royal Master Institute.We have the ability to deliver translation assignments on time Successful.

• Linguistic examination of all kinds of texts, documents, research, articles and scientific with competitive price (Master-PhD).

• Linguistic checking of administrative, financial and legal texts ... etc.

• Linguistic checking of website content.

• Linguistic checking of all other types of texts.

of quality methods
ISO 9001: 2015 certified

As a Royal Master Institute, we can provide support to government agencies and ministries through specialized experts to organize the various systems according to international specifications.

Conferences, forums & seminars

As a royal landmark, we are convinced of the integrity and progress of knowledge, and the ongoing need to develop and modernize it. The institute always seeks to research and discuss the important and required issues in the United Arab Emirates by attracting the skills of accredited experts and consultants who discuss these topics through conferences, forums or tools held inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Administrative & technical consultants

The institute includes a group of experts specialized in administrative and technical consulting, where the institute has carried out many consultations to develop administrative systems and organizational structures of government bodies and ministries and the results are staggering.

  • Methodology for Human Resource Management
  • Crisis Management Strategies
  • Marketing Research & Studies
  • Indicators for the Measurement of Institutional Performance
  • Quality Management Tools & Quality Assurance in Analytical
  • Strategies for Measuring Productivity
  • Analysis and preparation of organizational structures.
  • Analysis of Financial Statements effectively.
  • Prepare Financial Reports.
  • Preparing internal control policies.
  • Procurement General Policies and Procedures’
  • Designing Information Systems.
  • Development of replacement and resettlement strategy.
  • effective succession planning strategy.
  • Create a Career Development Plan for Employees.
  • Developing Employee Career Paths.
  • Job Analysis and Classification.
  • Bonuses and Incentives and Payroll.
  • Methods for assessing job performance.
  • How to Conduct an Effective Training Needs Analysis.
  • Prepare regulations and policies on training.
Measuring the impact of Return on Investment ROI

It is important to know the extent to which the trainees benefit from the training, what they got by changing their habits, and the new skills they gained and progress. There are major components that consist of measuring the training process, the trainee, the training environment, the training program, the training tools and tools, so it is necessary that you follow up the tasks in these five elements and this is done through continuous use and methods of monitoring and continuous evaluation. In order to achieve the maximum benefit.